About Us_

Established in 2017, Rudextech is a Jakarta-based
technology company specializing in cyber security and
IT solutions.

As a data-driven company, we continuously redefine and reinvent our sustainable technology solutions to meet future challenges and necessities.

Customers’ trust and satisfaction are our priorities. With substantial knowledge and vast experience in the industry, Rudextech will always anchor our value in ensuring the best quality in everything we offer.

Rudextech is not just another tech company.
Rudextech is your trusted

As your Trusted A.S.S.E.T_

Our Vision & Mission


Our goal is to become the most significant contributor to driving the cybersecurity and IT solution industry in Indonesia.


Our mission is to provide trusted, advanced, and sustainable technology solutions to our stakeholders while enabling the Rudextech team to grow and explore its potential through a positive work environment.

Rudextech in Numbers

To re-cap Rudextech’s journey thus far—

2 Regions Covered

Since the establishment of Rudextech, our company has been trusted with cases at the regional scale. Along with tackling a national level cybersecurity case, we expanded our expertise by working in the Australia region.

7 Clients Served

The majority of clients that have been proudly served by Rudextech are institutions at the national or international scale, including companies that offer business network outreach . For this reason, we continuously maintain and develop our technology solutions to provide top-notch service  when dealing with “big deals” for our valued clients.

11 Project Handled

It has been a thrill as well as a challenge to deal with the various projects we have completed. In recent years, Rudextech has handled projects from the government, private, and organizational sectors. We are proud of all our accomplishments thus far .

35 Talent Joined

Our talented Dexters have an enormous passion for cybersecurity. Most are active members in their communities, where knowledge on networking, trend updates, and practical skillsets are shared on a regular basis. Rudextech is honored to have employees  who are highly curious and always willing to improve their skills.

Executive Summary_

Whether or not we are aware of it, with all its promise, technology comes with significant risks and costs. Technology has become a necessities for many of our activities in the modern world, thus creating vulnerability. Personal information, confidential files, intellectual property, and other data are accessed through systems that are boundlessly hyper-connected to the rest of the globe. The security of this data is at stake.

Regardless of increases in efficiency, opportunity, inclusivity, speed, evolution, and other positive factors, it is essential for users to understand and be informed about the dark side of technology—the side that might lead to cybercrime.

Once data becomes the new gold, cybersecurity issues will rise beyond the personal, sectoral, regional, and even national scale. Cybersecurity has already become a global threat, as we all use interconnected technology. Nevertheless, technology only becomes a hazard in the hands of those who are neither aware nor sufficiently wise to establish optimum levels of protection to secure their most valuable asset: data.

Rudextech exists to solve these pivotal subjects of concern regarding the sustainability of technology. We support technological society by preventing technology leaks, system collapse, and layering damage. Armed with the tools to address the issue at hand, we simultaneously aim to raise awareness and practical understanding in the community about cybersecurity.

Rudextech treats every byte of data as a valuable object that requires high-security protection. Hyperconnected technology might have a vulnerable spot,  but Rudextech believes that we can always outsmart technology flaws. We take preventative steps to develop and implement top-notch and comprehensive technology solutions—no byte left behind.